In the wake of tragedy, our mission is to show our ongoing love and support to Marine spouses worldwide.

Hugs From Hercs was formed in response to the horrific midair collision of a USMC C-130 and F/A 18 off the coast of Japan on December 6, 2018. We felt helpless, heartbroken and just wanted to give our fellow military spouses a big hug to let them know we’re here for them and we care — and that’s exactly what we did. Through 100% volunteer efforts and donations, we were able to send “HUGS” (also known as comfort or care packages) to every single spouse of VMGR-152. In addition, we sent “Hugs” to all single Marines of VMGR-152 as well. These Marines suffered a loss that is unimaginable — they lost brothers.

Since we began back in December, we’ve realized the need for this organization. A deep need for continued, sustained support and encouragement of our fellow Marine spouses in the face of tragedy. Our mission is now 2-pronged:

  1. “HUGS” for military spouses during difficult times

  2. Continued support of “Gold Star” families — those who have lost a family member

Our mission is not a small one, but it is a vital and necessary mission. We hope you will partner with us to help show our love and encouragement to Marine Corps spouses in the midst of tragedy.

Who are we?

We are spouses from the C-130 (Herc) community, who got tired of feeling helpless to comfort and support our fellow military spouses during times of crisis and sadness. When the planes crashed over the ocean off the coast of Japan our entire community was devastated and all we wanted was to give all our C-130 families a big hug. When tragedy strikes, it affects us all. We started Hugs From Hercs to continue to show our love and support to these spouses. The media has stopped running the story, but hearts are still hurting. We want all those spouses who are supporting their heartbroken squadron to know that we are still thinking of them, still praying for them and still wishing to just give them a great big hug.


Many hands make light work.


Ways YOU Can Help!


Shop the Hugs from Hercs Amazon List and have supplies sent directly to Hug HQ.


Donate funds electronically to Hugs for Hercs via pay pal to the Hugs from Hercs!

(All donations will be used to cover supplies and shipping costs. In the event of leftover funds, those resources will go toward supporting our Gold Star Families and future HFH Missions).


Send an amazon digital gift card to the Hugs from Hercs email account: hello@hugsfromhercs.org

Please Spread the word, all who are willing to help are welcome to support Hugs from Hercs!


Ready to help?